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Dried Morel Mushroom Brands You Can Actually Trust

While there's nothing like the taste of a fresh morel mushroom, dried morel mushrooms provide us with a fantastic way to enjoy the delicacy in the off-season.

However, the quality of what you receive can vary greatly, and nobody wants to pay a premium for anything but perfection.You definitely don't want dried morels with maggots in them. Having purchased dried morels from over 20 vendors, we picked the top 3 best brands so that you can skip the nonsense and get a quality product in your hands. Now, let's dive in.

Best Dried Morel Brands Cover

*All reviews on are honest and 100% authentically written. However, we must inform you that we do receive commissions from any sales on this products through the blue links, paid by the Amazon Associates program*

This option is an obvious #1 choice in our book, and apparently its Amazon's too. Named as "Amazon's Choice", Vigorous Mountain's dried morels are extremely consistent in quality, ship quickly, and have thousands of positive reviews.

After reconstituting nearly 50 of these to inspect them, we did not find a single maggot or bad mushroom in the bunch. Their quality control is seemingly exceptional, and the price is pretty much spot on with what the dried morel prices should be.

Oh yeah, and they ship to both the USA and Europe. Click here to read a full review of these, or buy them now!

Vigorous mountains dried morels

This option is nearly as good as option #1 and should be able to fully service your dried morel mushroom needs. However, we did find a single morel mushroom that was compromised with a few small maggots, which makes us question the consistency of quality.

While a single morel had been compromised, the rest of them were quite uniform in shape, taste, and texture! Not just that, but Naturaura's morels are actually pretty big. We stuffed them with beef and had no problem getting a substantial amount of meat inside of them.

There is one final downside however, which is that you can only buy these in 4oz containers, making your purchase more expensive (about $50). With that said, if price is not an issue, you can expect some big, pretty high quality morels from this brand.

Naturaura Dried Morels

Foraged.Market is an incredibly unique business that connects foragers with consumers who want wild ingredients. On Foraged.Market, there are a considerable amount of dried morel vendors, presenting a multitude of options to you.

Foraged.Market can be a bit overwhelming with all of your options, but we find this to be a good thing with morels. You can inspect the quality, species, sizes, and prices of many sellers in one place! We've purchase from this seller, and the morels were pretty good quality.

Foraged.Market's dired morel options

Hopefully this list helps you find the best dried morel mushrooms, so that you can focus more on cooking and less on quality control. Want to buy fresh morel mushrooms online? Check out this guide!


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