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Top 5 Ways to Buy Fresh Morel Mushrooms Online | 2022

Looking to buy fresh (non-dried) Morel Mushrooms online? Look no further! This article will explain the explain the 5 best ways to order fresh Morel Mushrooms online. Having purchased morels through all these methods, and many others, we know exactly what to look out for and what to avoid.

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Fresh Morels Online Cover

*All reviews on are honest and 100% authentically written. However, we must inform you that we do receive commissions from any sales on this product through this link, paid by the Amazon Associates program*

Fresh Morels can be tricky to get your hands on as they are seasonal and subject to rotting if not properly stored. Most people dry their morels to extend lifespan, but that can compromise flavor. Instead, we prefer to buy fresh-to-frozen morels that have not been sucked dry of all their water content.

These frozen morels are pretty high quality, nicely trimmed and cleaned prior to arrival. Still, should you trust a wild foraged product on amazon? Well, after 60+ reviews, the product has retained a near perfect rating!

Get your frozen morels now:

morels held in hand

Fresh Morel Option #2: Order on Foraged.Market

Looking for Morels for sale online? Foraged.Market is a unique business that connects foragers to buyers, so that anyone can get their favorite wild ingredients whenever they want. Not only are fresh morel mushrooms offered at Foraged.Market, but we find that these are the highest quality you can find online.

We received an order of the most beautiful morels that were clearly taken care of, cleaned, and shipped in record times! No bugs, no soot, and morels that radiated good health. Thats really all you can ask for when buying online!

Morel Mushrooms ordered on Foraged.Market

This method is your safest bet in terms of finding quality. Oh yeah, and shipping times are incredibly clear and fast. We got our fresh black morels in 5 days. They were delicious, as if they were plucked right from our backyard.

Foraged.Market is honestly the only option you need, but sometimes they are sold out and their variety may be limited. So, we'll provide some other options for you all well. Onto option #3.

Fresh Morel Option #3: Order on Pacific Wild Pick

This supplier has provided us with a satisfactory experience in buying fresh Black Morel Mushrooms. Pacific Wild Pick sources their wild Morel Mushrooms from BC, Canada, where Morels naturally fruit in abundance, and the quality is very very high. Based on our personal experience, this supplier is sufficient for someone with very basic morel needs.

Our only knock on this option is that there is very limited customer feedback, and the product description isn't the clearest. So, we advise that you reach out to them with questions if you have concerns about shipping methods or anything like that.

While you may have a perfectly good experience, its also possible that something happens you could not have expected based on the lack of reviews. Foraged.Market or Amazon both present safer options.

Fresh Morel Option #4: Order on Dartagnan's

We've trusted Dartagnan's for years for their truffle products' unmatched quality. Naturally, their fresh morel mushrooms are extraordinary as well. The downside? Dartagnan's only sells Morels during times when they are in season. This can give you more confidence about assured quality, but it sucks that they are only briefly available. For that reason, Dartagnan's deserves to make the list, but not as a top option.

If it is morel season when you read this, Dartagnan's is just as good as option #1.

Morels for Sale on Dartagnan's

Fresh Morel Option #5: Check Out Suppliers on Etsy

Looking for fresh morel mushrooms? Believe it or not, you may be able to find them from the many sellers on Etsy. While this method is completely possible, it is hard to recommend a seller because they are ever-changing. The seller we bought from is no longer on the platform, so we cannot provide a link. Since then, however, new sellers have popped up and continue to do so every year.

If you use Etsy to discover fresh morel suppliers, be twice as careful about reading the description, shipping methods, and details about mushroom quality. We've witnessed people selling low-quality morels, and don't want you to have to deal with that.

Morels Available on Etsy

Still not satisfied with your options for buying fresh Morel Mushrooms? You may want to consider buying them dried! Dried morel mushrooms give you more options to buy and are available all year. Check out this guide on the top 5 dried morel mushroom brands.

Have you found a better option for fresh morels? Feel free to contact us and let us know!


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