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Morel Mushroom Prices in 2023

Morel Mushrooms are the most sought after culinary mushroom in the world for their exquisite taste & texture. After visiting hundreds of fresh morel vendors and scanning the online prices of over 50 sellers, we can give you a confident estimate of the Morel Mushroom prices in North American markets.

In this short piece, we'll provide an estimate for Morel Mushroom Prices and break them down by species.

Morel prices fluctuate vastly, so we'll update this page periodically. Interested in other mushroom prices like with Psilocybes? EdenShrooms has some valuable info!

Morel Mushroom Prices Cover

How Much Do Morel Mushrooms Cost?

Fresh Morel Mushrooms (all species included): $37.50 - $53.60 per pound.

Morel mushrooms vary in size, quality, and age. All of these factors impact the price of fresh morel mushrooms. The highest price we saw was $85/lbs and lowest price was $25/lbs.

Yellow and black morel prices

How Much Do Black Morel Mushrooms Cost?

Fresh Black Morel Mushrooms: $43.50 - $61.25 per pound.

From our experience, black morels, especially in the western USA, are sold at a premium. Many consider the black morels to have a more distinct flavor and desirable aesthetic than Yellows, grays (juvenile yellows / blacks), or half-free morels.

Have you found black morels to be more expensive than yellows in your experience?

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How Much Do Yellow Morel Mushrooms Cost?

Fresh Yellow Morel Mushrooms: $31.50 - $49.75 per pound.

From our experience, yellow morels were cheaper than any others we could find. The reason why is hard to pinpoint, but it likely has to do with preferences in taste, as well as abundance of yellows resulting in a higher supply.

yellow morel prices image

How Much Do Dried Morel Mushrooms Cost?

Dried Morel Mushrooms: $190 - $225 per pound.

For a limited time, you can get a pound of dried black morels for just $145 with this highly reviewed batch of them.

Dried morels mushrooms are more expensive than buying fresh morel mushrooms. Why? When the morels are dried out, their volume and weight is decreased drastically. So, buying 1 pound of dried morels gets you many more mushrooms than 1 pound of fresh morels would. Also, there is a small amount of labor associated with drying morels that results in a higher market price.

dried morel prices

How Much Do Half-Free Morel Mushrooms Cost?

We found the prices of half-free mushrooms to be too variable to provide an estimate. Typically though, you can put them within the lower price range of the Yellow Morel. Some vendors market them as a rare morel, others as the unwanted morel. So, it really depends on where and when you find them for sale.

Want to get your hands on some Fresh Morels instead? You can do that online! Check out this piece on how to buy fresh morels online.

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