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Morel of the Story... was started to meet the ever-growing demand for the notorious Morel Mushroom. Millions of people forage for them, eat them, cook them, and attempt (but usually fail) to grow them! This website should serve as your primary resource for all of your Morel adventures. Whether you want to find a patch of Yellow Morels or properly dry your finds, will have an answer! 

Meet the Founder:

My name is Daniel, I'm a professional content strategist and amateur mycologist. With 10+ years of writing about wildlife and nature, I am constantly searching for the next great wild frontier. Having found such a thing in Fungi through the work of Paul Stamets, it is now my life's goal to bring these unique organisms, specifically Morels, into the forefront of American and global culture. I've build audiences around marine life to 300,000 people, and a community about predatory animals to 1M+! However, those categories pale in comparison with the potential the fungi has to transform the world, and the individual. Join me on this next great adventure and let's make Morels mainstream!

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