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How to Rehydrate Dried Morel Mushrooms (Very Easy)

Drying morel mushrooms is a common practice for people who want to extend shelf-life. However, you cannot eat dried mushrooms in their dehydrated form. In order to eat them, they must be rehydrated with water until have returned to their original form. In this article, we'll explain the incredibly easy process to rehydrate morel mushrooms. There are just 4 simple steps:

Rehydrate Morel Mushrooms in These 4 Steps:

STEP 1: Select The Dried Morels That You Plan on Eating

Tp start, Simply select the best looking morels that you want to eat that night. Many people pick the biggest morels, but it depends on your intention with them. Do not rehydrate them all at once if you are not using them all at once. Only rehydrate what you plan on eating that night! Once rehydrated, you must eat the mushroom within a few hours to assure its quality.

STEP 2: Place The Dried Morels in a Bowl of Cool Water

Once you've picked out your dried morels, place them into a full bowl of cool water. Room temp also works. Use your fingers to push the morels until they are relatively submerged in the water so that no parts are left exposed to the open air. We prefer to cover the bowl with a small plate or paper towel to avoid any contamination, but you do not need to.

STEP 3: Wait 30 Minutes And Remove Morels

After about half an hour, your morel mushrooms will have absorbed water and returned to their normal size! While you want hydrated morels, you do not want soaking wet morels. Gently place the rehydrated mushrooms on a paper towel to absorb excess water on the outside of it.

STEP 4: Enjoy Your Morel Mushrooms!

Thats it! Your morels are now 100% good to cook with. If you need recommendations on what to cook, check out our recipes page!

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